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In 1896 a historic event took place in the small town of Washington, Missouri. That's when a well-known cattle trader named Edward Frick opened his own meat shop for the early citizens of Washington. Edward's hard work soon paid off. Word spread to the surrounding areas and Edward hired his first employee. Not long after, his son Malvin joined the business and Frick's Meat Shop moved into a larger facility downtown Washington.

Today, four generations later, the Frick family still operates out of Washington, Missouri making smoked meats and sausages in many varieties. Throughout the years, Frick's Quality Meats has remained a family-run and family-owned company committed to quality.

That commitment to quality has allowed us to contribute a few "firsts" to the meat industry. In 1980, we developed one of the first consumer packaged pre-sliced ham items for the meat case. Back then, ham had to be sliced in the deli at the time of purchase.

Ten years later, we introduced "pasteurized" Bologna and Braunschweiger packaging methods as a food safety improvement, a first in the industry. We still use this method of packaging Bologna and Braunschweiger today.

It's our Smoked Ham that Frick's is best known for. Because we're dedicated to delivering fresh quality, we choose never to freeze our products - an extra step taken to guarantee the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Before it leaves our hands, each ham is carefully trimmed, gently cured, and perfectly smoked with real hickory. This dedication to quality ensures our customer enjoys a delicious lean nutritious product every time.

As part of our commitment to Food Safety at Frick's, we continually monitor not only the quality of our finished products but also the environment we manufacture our products in. Our current facility was built in 2005 using state of the art Food Safety designs. We continue to upgrade our plant and systems to stay ahead of the Food Safety curve.

This commitment to food safety and quality is supported by the Grade "A" rating received on our Global Food Safety Initiative audit. We have continued to receive "A" ratings each year since we were first audited to this high standard.